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Community Curriculum

Over the last year few years the year 5, 6 and 7 teachers from St Martins school, Gobowen school, Weston Rhyn school and Selattyn school have been meeting to devise a programme of joint curriculum projects which will benefit all of the children across the area. Children from all 4 schools will benefit from working together and working with secondary subject teachers from St Martins secondary department to enhance their new key stage 2 curriculum and support the transition into the year 7 curriculum. These schools already have a long history of working in partnership together but we feel this new approach to team teaching will strengthen and build bonds and provide the children with some memorable and exciting projects.

There will be 3 projects one in each term.

Community Curriculum 2019-20

This year the theme will be 'My Planet, My Future'

This project will include:

  • investigating global issues/fact finding – students will create a presentation and ‘mood board’ of images to use later in the project 
  • work with Drama coach to create an improvised piece of drama. Some selected students will create artwork for the Oswestry Christmas parade float
  • Investigate local issues and undertake a local visit to a recycling plant. They will then create a newspaper report. ½ trip to Woodlane
  • The students will undertake their own project. This can be as a class or in small groups. Resources will be available from St Martins for these projects. These projects can be anything relating to recycling, climate change and other ecological issues
  • Presentation of the projects and a display for parents at St martins school – The winning project to be awarded a 3 Parishes environmental award…plus an award for the winning school.


  • Producing a collaborative piece of improvised theatre
  • The opportunity for some children from each school to take part in the Oswestry Christmas parade
  • Investigate a local issue
  • The winning project to be awarded a 3 Parishes environmental award…plus an award for the winning school.

Community Curriculum 2018-19

Project 1

What was it like in St Martins and surrounding villages when it was a mining community?

This project will include;

  • A trip to Blists Hill
  • Meeting people who worked as miners
  • Census research & debate
  • Field trip to Ifton Meadows


  • Producing a collaborative piece of art work
  • Joining together to perform a song at the official commemorative event
  • The opportunity for some children from each school to take part in the Oswestry Christmas parade

Project 2

Mythical beasts and legends

What do you know about Mythical beasts and legends?

This project will include;

  • An introduction to mythological creatures using Top Trumps
  • Creative writing based around Greek mythology
  • Learning about the work of artists/designers who have been influenced by Greek mythical creatures


  • Producing a gallery of creative writing and Art work to share in the community


Project 3

European Market

Let’s create a European Market!

This project will include:

  • Learning about different aspects of Europe and European culture
  • Creating and tasting exciting new foods
  • Researching and creating European crafts


  • Sell/share foods and crafts with your family and friends at our Summer Fayre

At the end of this week we will also be holding our fantastic Sports Festival.

Community Curriculum 2017-18

This year we embarked on an ambitious and exciting project with all of our main primary feeders, Weston Rhyn,  Gobowen and Criftins.

St Martins School has organised and funded the community curriculum project which has involved all of the year 5 and year 6 students from the four schools.

Our year 5 and 6 will be joining with students from Gobowen, Weston Rhyn and Selattyn on a performance of Pirates of the Curry Bean. This is project one of this years’ hugely enjoyable Community Curriculum which has been running now for four years. The auditions and rehearsals start next week

“Young twins Jack & Liza Periwinkle yearn for adventure, so imagine their joy at discovering a real life treasure map! But when the infamous Redbeard and his pungent Pirates of the Curry Bean steal the map and kidnap their mother, the race is on to rescue her, reclaim the map and find the treasure”!

There will be activities for all , from main acting , singing to back stage crew and costumes.

The final show takes place on Monday 5 December at 4.30pm, watch this space for updates!!!

Community Curriculum 2016-17

The first project is entitled ‘The universe, our planet and me’ and students will be learning about the solar system, our Earth and the cultures of the different continents. There will be a book published at the end of the project that will be on sale containing the story of the project and the best of the children’s work. There will be a sharing of the project in January where children (and staff!) will be asked to dress as aliens. This first project will start with an intensive day of science and art: a workshop in a planetarium, an exciting session afternoon and an art session. Further project days throughout October and November take place at the local primary school again with a science focus but also creative writing at school. This is completely funded by St Martins school.

The second project will be a spectacular week of arts and sports events

The third project is a ‘The Dragons Den’ will see the year 5 and6  students fighting to make the most money in an exciting business project where they will create and sell their own products. They will have to learn how to create a business plan and apply for a loan of ‘real money‘ for their product, all to be sold at our Jolly Jamboree summer fayre.

Community curriculum 2015-2016

This year the first project is an arts and English focus with all pupils working towards a performance of The Pepys Show which is based on the diary of Samuel Pepys and tells the story of the great fire of London. Our show will involve every child in every school in year 5 and 6, telling the story to 2 audiences – parents and to year 2. Theatre in education at its best! Details of the final performance will follow.

This first project will be launched at St Martins School on:

Transport by coach will be arranged by St Martins School; pupils will need to bring a packed lunch with those eligible for free school meals a packed lunch will be provided. Please return the reply slip to your primary teacher.

The second project in the Spring Term will be history and science based and the final project for the year in the Summer Term will be a multicultural week with a focus on sports and the arts.

It is expected that this creative partnership will continue next year with 3 new projects targeting different subject areas. We are delighted at St Martins school to be funding this project and thank all of the schools and teachers for their ongoing time and commitment.