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Houses at St Martins School

Houses at St Martins School

We have a house pastoral system at St Martins School. The houses help create community cohesion, a feeling of belonging and some healthy competition. Our house activities and competitions break down barriers between year groups and allow older students to work with our younger students.

Our houses choose a charity to collect for and this creates a sense of togetherness and builds compassion for others.

All students are allocated a house when they arrive into year 7 or reception. Some students will be elected as house leaders and will help run the houses and represent the school at events. Some of these students will be chosen form the student leadership team.

House names

The names of our houses are Ifton, Rhyn, Heath and Moors and these are all local areas around the school.

Rich in history the village of St Martins sits on the very edge of North West Shropshire right by the Welsh border. The village has been inhabited since Roman times and was visited by Owain Glyndwr. Recently St Martins was a coal mining village, with the biggest mine in Shropshire.  Ifton colliery closing in 1968. The surrounding area is now mainly agricultural and the pit site is now Ifton Meadows Nature Reserve. Ifton Heath was our village primary school and Rhyn Park was our village secondary school before we merged to become St Martins School in 2012. It was important to mark these two school in our house names.

In the 19th century a canal was constructed through St Martin's Moor by Thomas Telford linking the industrial areas around Ruabon to the canal network. This now forms part of the Llangollen Canal, which is enjoyed by the school and wider community.

House teams 2023-24


Head of House

Mr Machin

Head of House

Mr Moore

Head of House

Mrs Ellis

Head of house

Mrs Evans

Assistant Head of House

Ms Price

Assistant head of House

Ms Tomley

Assistant Head of House

Mr Edwards

Assistant Head of House

Mr Ward