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Admissions into reception class and year 7- 2024


Shropshire Council have asked schools not to contact yr 7 prospective parents on offer day but to wait until week commencing 18 March - but dont worry there is a lot of information about transition here and we will be in touch as soon as we are permitted!!


 Key dates for Year 7 joining in September 2024

  • Applications to Shropshire Council by 31 October 2023
  • Offer day is 1 March 2024
  • St Martins School normally emails every parent on offer day to welcome them to the school - Shropshire Council have asked that this is postponed until w/c 18 March
  • Welcome to St Martins for parents and students - overview of transition programme and handout of the transition pack - date to be changed to 11 April 5.15pm and 6.15pm following request from Shropshire Council
  • Year 6 induction/taster day - Wednesday 26 June
  • Parent appointments with tutor - Tuesday 2 July - please return your preference form
  • QUINTA camp for all students - Wednesday 10 and Thursday 11 July – please complete and return form to include the special diets form and medication in school forms if appropriate.


  1. Wednesday 10th July drop off at St Martins School for 9.15am
  2. Thursday 11th July pick up from Quinta at 3.00pm
  3. £35 to be paid by 30 June – bedrooms allocated on a first come first served basis, after which day places will be offered
  4. DAY option available for £20 – parents to pick up their child on the Wednesday evening at 7.00pm and return them at 9am on the Thursday



Click on this link to see our new short film of our 3-16 age school!



Click on this link to see our mini tour of our school made for our current year 7 who were unable to come into the school before they started in September!! With Mr James, Head of year 7 and Ms Penrose learning mentor year 7



Use the following link that will take you straight to Shropshire Council website to complete the on line form for starting  secondary school year 7...


We have students who transfer here from a wide geographical area including Oswestry, Ellesmere, Chirk, Wrexham and ofcourse closer to home from villages nearby.

The move to a new school particularly the move to secondary can be a daunting one. St Martins School works closely with local primary schools to ensure that the Transition runs as smoothly as possible. Our transition process really does start as early as possible.

Schools have the opportunity to visit us on an number of our Primary days, giving students the opportunity to familiarise themselves with our staff, students and departments.

Over the course of the remainder of this academic year Ms Lovecy will be visiting pupils at our local primary schools in Gobowen, Selattyn, Weston Rhyn  and further afield.

The following link will take you to the Shropshire Council guide to school admissions for 2024



If you are applying 'out of county' you will need to apply through your own county.

At the end of this page you can access a documents that takes you step by step how to apply to admissions on line. 


Starting primary school


For a place in our reception class for September 2023 please apply using the above link by 15 January 2024.

Place allocation day 16 April 2024


Admissions 'mid term'

If you wish to inquire about transferring to St Martins in other year groups please contact our reception and we will advise you of whether we have vacancies and provide you with the application form.

From September 2024, applications in all year groups will be managed by Shropshire Council.

School Travel

Free school transport is provided by the local authority/council ( Shropshire or Wrexham).

Your children may be able to get free transport to school, depending on how far the walk is and any special needs they have.

All children between 5 and 16 qualify for free school transport if they go to their nearest suitable school and live at least:

  • 2 miles from the school if they’re under 8
  • 3 miles from the school if they’re 8 or older

If there’s no safe walking route, they must be given free transport, however far from school they live. Contact your local council if you think that the walk to school isn’t safe.

Shropshire Travel Information


Wrexham Travel information


Families on low incomes

If you get the maximum Working Tax Credit or your children are entitled to free school meals, they’ll get free school transport if they’re:

  • aged 8 to 11 and the school’s at least 2 miles away
  • aged 11 to 16 and the school’s 2 to 6 miles away - as long as there aren’t 3 or more suitable schools nearer to home
  • aged 11 to 16 and the school’s 2 to 15 miles away - if it’s their nearest school preferred on the grounds of religion or belief

Children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND)

Your child is entitled to free transport if they can’t walk to school because of their SEND or mobility problem. It doesn’t matter how far away they live.

There are a number of bus routes organised by Shropshire Council.   For free school transport queries parents may wish to visit the Shropshire Council website for information about how to apply at www.shropshire.gov.uk or alternatively contact the School Transport Team on 0345 6789006.

Alternatively parents can call the school reception.

For the public service routes, up to date information can be found on the Traveline Midlands website, www.travelinemidlands.co.uk