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Emergency closure procedure

We are required by the Education Authority to update our procedures regularly for what should happen in the event of the school having to close due to weather conditions or any other emergency.

A decision to close the school is made by the Head of School in consultation with the senior leadership team and the Chair of Governors, following appropriate risk assessments and advice. The Local Authority is notified immediately of any intended closure.

Once a decision has been made, the following steps will be taken to notify parents/carers.

Local Radio

Local radio stations have agreed to broadcast details of school closures, and you are advised to stay tuned for announcements and updates. Closure decisions will be communicated immediately by Shropshire Council to all local radio stations. Information regarding closures will begin to be broadcast at 8:00am.

Email Communication via Arbor

An email will be sent to all parents and carers via our system ARBOR by 7:45am.

Social Media

Information will be posted on our facebook page.

The School Website

The school website will be updated with any information.

Extreme Circumstances during the school day

If a significant deterioration in weather takes place during the school day, or there is another emergency ( eg loss of heating or water) then school could close part way through the school day.

Parents would be notified via TEXT that would 'signpost' them to further information, which would be found in a follow up email, on the website and on facebook.

In primary, parents would be asked to collect their child from the Nursery door for Nursery and Reception pupils and from the primary studio for Years 1 - 6. 

Older primary students will not be allowed to walk home unaccompanied without the consent of a parent/carer.  Collection of pupils by another parent/carer/adult/secondary sibling will only be permitted if parents/carers have given their consent by contacting school on the day. 

 In secondary, Secondary students who normally walk home would be allowed to do so.

The school will ask our bus companies for an earlier pick up. If not, students would remain on site under the supervision of staff and await parents/carers to pick these students up.

Students that catch the Arriva Service bus would catch the next available bus if these are still running or would remain in school until parents can pick up.

Parents that normally collect their child would do so from the main school reception.

It is extremely important that we have your correct email address. If your email address is not registered with us, please contact reception@stm.318education.co.uk